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Esports Program Management Advisory Board – Marketing/Event Planning

Marshalltown Community College

Volunteer opportunity title: Esports Program Management Advisory Board – Marketing/Event Planning

Business/Organization: Marshalltown Community College

Contact (name, email, phone): Nate Rodemeyer, Nathan.Rodemeyer@iavalley.edu, (641)751-1932

Date/Time commitment: Meet a minimum of twice per year virtually (via Zoom), once in fall, once in spring, with the possibility of additional meetings on an as needed basis

Location: Zoom/Online

Sign up information link: N/A -- Email Nate Rodemeyer

List of Duties/Full Description:

I am seeking a Marshalltown representative who is regularly involved with marketing and/or event planning who would be willing to serve on an advisory board for MCC’s new academic esports program. I’ve got many candidates with backgrounds in education, technology, IT services, coaching, and even game development; However, one “gap” in my coverage is somebody with experience in marketing and event planning, which is a crucial sector of the esports industry. If you’re interested, please read on! Thank you.

Introduction - Why am I here?

My name is Nate Rodemeyer. I am a middle and high school social studies teacher by trade. I taught for nearly ten years in Iowa, most of that time in the small town of Williamsburg. In late 2019/early 2020, I began coaching high school esports as part of the Iowa High School Esports Association. In spring 2020, I served on the bylaws committee of the IAHSEA. From 2020-2021, I served as the President-Elect of the organization, and from 2021-2022 I served as the President. I am a lifelong gamer, but I never found an outlet to turn my lifelong passion for gaming into a career. As I’ve told many others, had organized high school esports been a thing when I was 15, I would have lost my mind! I’ve also always had the desire to eventually advance my education and serve in higher ed. And all of that came together to bring me to this position. My interest first and foremost will ALWAYS be the students I serve and making decisions with them in mind. As esports continues to rise precipitously and more people consider the esports industry seriously as a career, I want them to be prepared and have an edge over other job candidates entering the field. Finally, I’m a Marshalltown native and the chance to be back near family and serving my community was an excellent opportunity!

 Overview of the ESP Program

The MCC ESP program is designed to provide a well-rounded, overall experience that will serve as a foundation for somebody looking to enter into employment in esports, whether that be as a coach, a broadcaster, IT support, A/V staff, an event planner, video editor, etc. When students complete the ESP program, they should . . .

  • have direct experience working with an esports program in some capacity
  • understand the fundamentals of competitive gaming and how esports functions
  • be aware of the vices, controversies, and societal issues that surround esports in order to address such concerns in their own work and prevent these issues from persisting
  • build a portfolio of products and practical experiences that prove their skills and preparedness to enter the field
  • demonstrate job skills necessary to enter the workforce in an esports related career, or continue specializing their education by transferring to a four-year program

ESP Advisory Board

 Purpose of the Advisory Board

The purpose of the Marshalltown Community College Esports Program Management (ESP) Advisory Committee is to meet with the ESP faculty twice a year, or once per semester, to evaluate the current status of the ESP program and make recommendations to help elevate student success in the program. In short, this advisory board will be seated by those with direct experience and vested interest in esports, and will use that expertise to make recommendations for the program as well as approving curriculum changes that I wish to propose to the faculty senate.

Goals of the Advisory Board

  • Gather input from professionals in esports and related industries about current needs related to job skills and concepts
  • Highlight areas of concern to generate solutions to overcome said challenges
  • Report on the current status of the program to the advisory board
  • Utilize input gathered to make necessary and relevant changes to the ESP program in order to increase enrollment, program completion, and job placement

Expectations of the Advisory Board

  • Meet virtually a minimum of two times per year (once per semester)
  • Respond to messages received from the ESP faculty in a timely manner
  • Be willing to share resources, experiences, and honest feedback with ESP faculty to improve the program for students

Closing Date: October 1, 2022

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