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Volunteer Opportunities

Marshalltown area non-profits have many volunteer opportunities in the area. Check here for updates and get out there and volunteer!

Volunteer opportunities posting open to the public. Chamber members will receive the opportunity for their volunteer opportunity to be posted to the Chambers Facebook page. 

If you're a citizen who wants to volunteer:

  1.  Add your name to the volunteer database here.
  2. Keep an eye out for opportunities that spark your passion.

If you're an organization and need volunteers:

  1.  Fill out a volunteer posting form and email it to office@marshalltown.org.
  2. Contact office@marshalltown.org to obtain a copy of the volunteer database list. 
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Oktemberfest, Inc.

Marshall County Veterans Affairs

Interested in serving your community? Consider driving veterans to their medical appointments. Routes include Des Moines and Iowa City.

Marshall County Veterans Affairs

Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown

Volunteering at the Animal Rescue League just takes a few steps! Call us today or email us at volcoord@arlmarshalltown.com

Animal Rescue League

City of Marshalltown

The City of Marshalltown is now accepting applications for our newly established Storm Water Advisory Committee. The committee will be made up of five formal members and open to the public for all committee meetings. We have three openings remaining on this committee. The committee shall hold a minimum of one meeting per calendar year.

City of Marshalltown

Accura Healthcare of Marshalltown

Accura Healthcare of Marshalltown is looking for volunteers of all ages to engage with our residents through various daily activities.

Accura Healthcare of Marshalltown

Hospice of the Midwest

Be a difference maker! The need for those who are ready and willing to make a difference is great...

Hospice of the Midwest
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